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Learn essential skills and strategies to help you find your own unique expression.

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Bella’s accomplished skills are matched by her ability to communicate with clarity and enthusiasm. She elucidates and demystifies relatively complex ideas using clear explanations. I would highly recommend this wonderful teacher and her courses.
PN Suffolk
Bella's video tutorials are very informative, full of great ideas, techniques and with lots of heart. She enthusiastically shares her expertise gathered over a lifetime of creativity, painting and artistic endeavors with her audience. Her specialty is colour. I would recommend her tutorials to all whether beginner or advanced.
J.A-Luzern, Switzerland

If you are just beginning or starting again after a gap, my classes and courses can help you get going and help you discover and develop the artist in you.

Making expressive work is a journey of discovery and along the way there are certain skills of perception and imagination – ways of seeing like an artist, and techniques and methods that can be learned and practised.

Some people say they have no ‘talent’ and that they could never learn to paint. But for me, ’talent’ is a slippery concept. I do not really believe in it.

After decades of working with students of all ages and levels of experience I know that what really matters is the desire to do it… and then, finding the right guidance to encourage and help.

Gaining knowledge, and understanding of the processes of making art and acquiring fundamental skills can be fun and go a long way in dispelling the ‘talent myth’. Like anything else, it is about practice.

Learning skills is seen by some as limiting expression, but I do not agree with that. I really believe that anyone who wants to can learn to paint and draw and can make their own, unique, expressive art, and that they will progress more quickly and find it more enjoyable if they gain some basic knowledge.

All my classes and courses go into depth about whatever the topic is and clearly show you how to begin, how to play and practice and how to get result you never thought possible.

Whatever you want to express, the classes will help you to understand the language of painting and encourage you to make it your own. There is no one way that is ‘right’ in art, just a wonderful range of choices and creative pathways to follow.

But choosing can be perplexing!

The class will help you to . . . . .

Explore  the many different ways to begin a painting from observation

Gain  confidence in different painterly approaches

Learn  how to know where to begin

Focus  on what excites you the most

Discover  the ways of master artists and see how to make them your own.

Enjoy  approaching any subject in your own way

Understand  that whatever your level of experience you can always progress

Create  your own expressive art from simple beginnings

When we know how to use the main visual elements of line, tone, colour, texture and shape, hand in hand with timeless principles of contrast, rhythm, light/dark balance and colour harmony, then painting becomes an adventure in endless possibilities!


Introductory talk on the topic.

Demonstration videos of techniques

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Bella is a great teacher whether face to face or online. She has such an enormous knowledge, which she is so willing to share. You can tell she enjoys passing on her enthusiasm and skills to others. Bella in addition has a wonderful intuition for ways of improving her students pictures whatever style they choose
VM Glasgow
Bella knows more about colour than any other artist that I have studied under. She is eager to share her depth of knowledge to enrich the learning of her students. Bella's courses are rich with information about, colour, composition and mark making but the most compelling aspect of her courses is that one just wants to grab a brush, pastel or pen and start creating right now!
JC-R Vancouver
CLASSES AVAILABLE – Click a class title for more information