with Landscape

How to simplify and select
Gather visual information for painting
Have fun learning to see through drawing

This class is for you if you. . .

Like to work from observation

Want to know how to draw/sketch the landscape

Want to understand how to make studies that help with painting

Prefer to keep the materials simple to begin with

Want to understand ways to approach complex scenes

Would like to explore a playful way to ‘abstract’ from observation

Would enjoy learning to see like an artist and approach any subject with confidence.

The class offers four videos with demonstrations on the topic and one introductory video about the creative process.

The four main parts cover different ways to work with drawing from observation in the landscape. They show how to simplify right from the start so that you get essential information to go forward into painting later.

There is also tuition in an unusual method which makes composition fun and a playful way to try a more abstracted interpretation of you subject, working from your own sketches or photo references.

You will likely have most of the materials needed such as pencil, ballpoint pen, sketchbook. A full materials needed with links to purchase online can be viewed here.