Big celebration for the Queen’s Platinum jubilee this year and for Spring Fling in it’s 20th year!!!
Here I am in a very spring like scene at the Gracefield Arts Centre last week.
I look forward to welcoming you to my new garden studio number 86 on the Red route. I am in central Lockerbie 2 mins from the rail station.
I am open daily from 10.30 – 8pm Thurs – Sat 2-4 June and 10.30 – 5.30 Sun 5th June.

This was a photoshoot for all the original Spring Flingers like me who have been in it since the beginning.
There are 96 studios in all, with every kind of art and craft, so lots to see and enjoy and lots to celebrate! It is great to be doing it face to face again.
You will be sure of a warm welcome. I look forward to seeing you.
For more information and to get a brochure on all the studios see the Spring Fling website.